Benefit from significant time savings, renew your AMS and upgrade to iBwave R11 today.

With iBwave Release 11 we’ve introduced key new features that greatly accelerate the design process, especially for large complex venues.

Faster Prediction Times

See up to 50% time savings when running your heatmaps for large and complex projects with a new prediction engine that maximizes the efficiency of your computer’s physical memory, drastically reducing the time it takes to run prediction.

Faster Connection of One Part to Many

Save up to 80% of your time with the new smart connection tool that completely automates the process of connecting one part to many in your designs. Select your source ,  your destinations, and cable and watch as it all quickly connects in seconds. Also take advantage of the tools smart capabilities as it suggests cable types according to selected source, saving you even more time.

Plus we’ve gotten improved MIMO support, annotations, and more. Curious to see everything new in R11? Click here. 

iBwave Annual Maintenance & Support (AMS)