Designing Public Safety Networks

Challenges & Best Practices

Public Safety Networks don’t have degrees of quality – they either work or they don’t. And with something as important as communication in the event of an emergency, a poor RF signal can be catastrophic for first responders. There’s a lot to think about – building regulations, fire codes and safety laws, heavy voice and data traffic on the network, and connecting hard-to-reach areas.

Our latest eBook – Designing Public Safety Networks – tackles the subject from every angle. It takes a ‘safety from the ground up’ approach – how unique Public Safety Network challenges need to be addressed at every stage of the design process, from conceptualization to completion. It provides in-depth coverage on challenges and best practices, as well as an overview of IFC and NFPA guidelines used to standardize PS network design.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Key Challenges in Public Safety Network Design
  • Best Practices in Public Safety Network Design
  • Overview of IFC and NFPA Guidelines and Regulations
  • How iBwave is the Ideal Solution for Public Safety Network Design

We hope you enjoy!

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eBook: Designing Public Safety Networks