Private LTE Networks & CBRS

Recently, public versus private wireless networks has become the hot topic in the wireless industry.

There’s lots of debate and discussion among industry players about just what exactly are CBRS and private LTE networks? How do they differ from public networks? What unique design challenges do they present?

Never fear! Industry thought-leader and futurist Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis is here to demystify the subject in his comprehensive eBook all about the future of private wireless networks.

Here are some of the topics Dean covers:

  • Types and Scale of Private LTE and 5G networks
  • Motivations and use-cases for deploying private LTE/5G
  • Where CBRS fits in
  • Key technology and deployment elements and challenges
  • And more!


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eBook - Private LTE Networks and CBRS
Dean Bubley, Founder of Disruptive Analysis and industry thought leader

Guest Writer

Dean Bubley, Founder of Disruptive Analysis