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Designing wireless 5G networks presents a number of challenges making it an entirely different beast than 4G networks. The iBwave 5G training combined with a Level 2 certification will give you the knowledge necessary to start designing high‑performance 5G networks.

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Improve your skills with a Level 2 Certification and get the most out of your iBwave software.

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Acquire a top-tier specialization in designing wireless 5G networks and leverage your knowledge in creating 5G designs.

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Worldwide, engineers like you are growing their iBwave credentials and becoming 5G specialized.

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iBwave Certification Level 2 with 5G SPECIALIZATION

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Best-In-Class Certification Program

The iBwave Training and Certification programs are designed to instill proficiency for in‑building design professionals. Here are some testimonials from past learners.

Customer Satisfaction Index

While at this point, I would still consider myself a 5G rookie, the course propelled me miles ahead of where I was. This course should be considered a prerequisite for any DAS engineer who needs to come up to speed on 5G. Highest recommendation.

– Raymond Patterson –

iBwave 5G training is great. I learned so much from it that can now be applied to my 5G designs. Overall, very good.

– Allan Arguil –


Widely Recognized

iBwave’s software solutions are being used by more RF engineers worldwide than ever before to design in‑building wireless networks. Becoming a certified iBwave engineer means you’ll have the necessary credentials to tackle the most complex projects for the indoor wireless industry.

World-class Instructors

Our iBwave Certification instructors are seasoned experts with extensive experience in the field, providing practical insight and best practices into the world of designing in‑building networks using the iBwave product suite.

Real Life Examples

The Certification course content is directly applicable to work environment by using real life workshop scenarios building indoor wireless projects, along with quizzes and highly focused exams.

Dedicated Support

Should you require any assistance, have questions or challenges related to the course, or if you’re having technical issues with iBwave software, our training and support teams are available to you and will gladly answer any questions.


5G White Papers

Read more about 5G in these great white papers!

5G Design Best Practices

Take a technical dive into designing 5G networks, the difference of 5G and LTE, 5G antennas, EMF radiation compliance, coverage scope limitations and more. Discover the challenges of 5G network designs, and how to address them with our new White Paper, 5G Design Best Practices, by Vladan Jevremovic.

5G Design Best Practices White Paper

5G Technology Primer

5G has the power to provide connectivity to a wide range of applications in the cellular industry. In this white paper, Vladan Jevremovic and Ali Jemmali go into detail on 5G and the unique characteristics that make it the spectrum of the future. It provides an in-depth analysis on the features of the technology so you can feel confident in designing the networks of the future.

5G Technology Primer White Paper by iBwave

In-Building Network Evolution: from 4G to 5G

5G Networks promise to bring many technical innovations to the field of cellular technologies. In this white paper, Vladan Jevremovic focuses on key 5G features and in-building network challenges and discuss which type of 4G networks may be most affected by transitioning to 5G.

In-Building Network Evolution: from 4G to 5G

iBwave 5G Webinars

Featuring iBwave in-building experts and industry partners discussing the latest indoor and wireless challenges and trends.

eBooks on 5G Technology

5G & In-Building Wireless Convergence

5G is an exciting new technology, but what is the reality, use cases and practicalities when it comes to indoor 5G wireless? Learn more about what the future may hold for this new technology.

Indoor 5G & In-Building Wireless Convergence

In-Building Network Convergence

Learn more about convergence and what it is, what impact it may have on the Enterprise and the wireless industry as a whole, and what is driving the integration of cellular, Wi-Fi and Fiber infrastructures.

eBook: In-Building Network Convergence