Deploying Private Networks for your Mining Operations?

Ensure Reliability, Accuracy, and Control with iBwave

Benefits of a Private Network for Mining

Gain complete control over your wireless technology

Ensure Ultra-reliable connectivity

Maximize Productivity

Enhance security and workplace safety

Improve Performance with a dedicated Private Network

Customize wireless infrastructure

iBwave for Enterprise Private Networks

Design, build, and survey ALL your wireless networks seamlessly

Save time on any type of wireless network design

Unparalleled accuracy

Design Surface and Underground Networks in ONE tool

Design control over all networks and sites

Validate Key Performance Indicators

Design Cellular and Wi-Fi at the same time

Reduce equipment costs for mining networks

Less Expensive and Time-Consuming Truck-Rolls


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Accurate Private Network Design Is the Key to Smart Mining

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5 Trends Driving Demand for Private Networks

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What to Expect With the 5G Shift in Private Networks


Private Networks for Mining 

An overview of the challenges, market drivers, use-cases and trends for private networks for mining. 

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Case Study

How a Mining Company Designed & Deployed an Outdoor Network using iBwave Reach 

Learn how one of the largest mining and logistics companies used iBwave to accurately model and design an outdoor pLTE network for a current and projected new mining site.



Emerging Trends in Private Networks for Mining 


Private Networks for Mining  

Quick-Reference Poster 

Private Networks Wireless Standards Reference  

Get easy access to our free Private Networks standard reference poster. 


iBwave Products for Mining 

Raise the bar in your mining operations 

iBwave gives you the most accurate, robust and easy-to-use solutions for designing, surveying, and maintaining your private networks. Our solutions allow RF engineers to automate the design process and model surface or underground mining environments with a database of over 35,000 components needed for your private network. Our modeling and survey tools provide accurate analysis to ensure an ultra-reliable, secure, and pervasive network. 

Underground Solutions

iBwave Design Enterprise

iBwave Design software is the best-in-class network design software used for designing in-building networks.

iBwave Private Networks

Accelerate the design of large multi-technology campus wireless networks with an integrated solution that bridges the gap between indoor & outdoor design.

Surface Solutions

iBwave Reach

Accelerate the design of large multi-technology campus wireless networks with an integrated solution that bridges the gap between indoor & outdoor design.

Network Surveying Solutions

iBwave Mobile Survey for Private Networks 

iBwave Mobile Survey eliminates time-consuming and costly site surveys and gives you an end-to-end view of both the macro and indoor data as you design.  

Maximize Connectivity, Productivity and Security with Private Networks from iBwave

Gain complete control over your wireless technology.

Ensure Ultra-reliable connectivity.  

Maximize Productivity.

Enhance security and workplace safety.

Improve Performance with a dedicated Private Network.

Customize wireless infrastructure.

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