It's time to play.

Our legendary in-building game is availiable on Android.

Travel the world with iBwave Man and complete the walk test through different venues. From donut toting security guards to giant rats, you’ll have to tap, tilt and swipe your way to become Super iBwave Man!

Level 1: complete a walk test in an airport while avoiding its distracting cast of characters.

Level 2: install small cells in the office of a snowman making festival in Helsinki. Ensure all of its areas and workers have adequate coverage!

Level 3: connect a network in an equipment room to restore Japan’s internet sabotaged by the Yakuza and ensure online sushi delivery orders.

Bonus level: repair a network in a subway tunnel. See the two glowing red eyes in the corner though? Watch out! Don’t get hit by the oncoming train.

Get your friends and colleagues involved by sharing your score and accomplishments on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

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Note, this application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.

Super iBwave Man
Super iBwave Man animation