JUST DEMO | A 30-Minute Overview of iBwave Mobile & Epiq PRiSM Scanner  

Simple & Cost-effective Solution to Survey and Grid Test Public Safety Networks

Join us for an exclusive Just Demo session where we showcase the exceptional capabilities of the iBwave Mobile app in conjunction with the Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM scanner. This simple, lightweight, and cost-effective solution is designed to streamline the surveying and grid testing of Public Safety networks, helping you gain network approval while saving both time and costs. 

Join this 30-minute demo session with our iBwave expert, Jason Papineau, to learn how to simply perform site surveys, grid tests and generate reports and seamlessly integrate data with our network design solution. 

Date: November 29th 

Time: 11 AM (ET)

Presented by:
Jason Papineau

Jason Papineau
iBwave Mobile & Epiq PRiSM Scanner