On-Demand Webinar

5G Technical Deep Dive:

An Introduction to 5G & Its Key Features

In this webinar we have Dr. Vladan Jevremovic, our senior director of research look beyond the marketing hype and dive into the technical details of 5G.

5G Networks, also known as 3GPP Release 16 (Phase 1) and Release 17 (Phase 2), promise to bring many technical innovations to the field of cellular technologies. The new networks will be able to provide a wide range of diverse applications, from asynchronous, low data rate applications targeting Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, to very high data rate low latency applications such as video gaming, and everything in between. 5G networks will branch out to millimeter wave band (24-52 GHz) for opportunistic deployments where vehicular mobility is not a requirement (residential areas, indoor and outdoor hotspots, stadiums), while more traditional mobile coverage will be in the sub 7GHz band.

Specifically, we are discussing:

  • Key 5G features
    • Numerology
    • Bandwidth Partitioning
    • Slot Formats
  • 5G Signals
    • Reference Signals
    • Synchronization Signals
    • Coreset
  • Layer 1 measurement capabilities.


Vladan Jevremovic Ph.D

Dr. Vladan Jevremovic, Ph.D
Senior Research Director, iBwave Solutions