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Holy CoW-nectivity: A Private Networks on Wheels Virtual Event

With Special Guest AWS

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Imagine having a complete network wherever you need it – that’s the power of Cell on Wheels (CoW).

CoW brings instant, adaptable networks to vehicles and portable structures, catering to a range of needs from enhancing event experiences to providing vital connections during emergencies.  

 CoW shines at large gatherings, providing seamless high-speed connectivity that can be deployed temporarily and cost-effectively, with Amazon’s successful deployments underscoring its effectiveness. From concerts to sports events, witness how private networks on wheels transform the event experience.  

Learn from AWS and iBwave experts as we delve into the future of connectivity. Discover how rapid deployment, flexible connectivity, and temporary network solutions are changing the game.   

Our virtual event is hosted across three main sessions and a panel discussion.


Here’s what we are covering in each session:

Introduction: Understanding the Concept of Private Network on Wheels (10 Minutes)

Session 1: Capacity Considerations for Special Venues (15 Minutes)

  • Role of advanced equipment in enabling applications on private networks on wheels
  • Showcasing use-cases such as mobile healthcare and event connectivity
  • Versatility of equipment solutions and their contribution to simplified deployment

Session 2: Capacity and Planning Considerations for Special Venues (15 Minutes)

  • Capacity Planning considerations, network monitoring, and validation for private networks on wheels

Session 3: Deploying with AWS Private 5G (15 minutes):

  • Simplifying deployment through automation and seamless integration
  • Device connectivity options at the site
  • Success stories and lessons learned for venues and events

Panel Discussion: Simplifying Deployment of Private Networks on Wheels (15 minutes): 

  • Collaboration in simplifying deployment
  • Real-world collaboration examples
  • Addressing audience questions and engaging with panelists
  • Key takeaways

Moderated by:

Kelly Burroughs, Director, Enterprise PLM at iBwave Solutions

Kelly Burroughs, Director, Enterprise PLM, iBwave Solutions

Kelly Burroughs has worked in the wireless industry over the last 8 years in a variety of roles. Her background in product, marketing, and wireless jokes makes her a triple threat in the industry. When she’s not busy trying to improve the wireless survey & design experience for customers, she can be found writing wireless jokes that make even the most dedicated network engineer smile (or roll their eyes).


George Oakes
Senior Solutions Architect, AWS 

Nazim Choudhury
Director Market Development, iBwave

Nazim Choudhury

About the Panelists

George Oakes

George is a Senior Solutions Architect specializing in private cellular networks. He works with AWS Private 5G and APN hardware partners to build solutions and capabilities that help customers adopt AWS technology. Previous to AWS, George has designed, deployed and supported RAN and Core networks for mobile network operators involving virtualized and containerized offerings for both LTE and 5G deployments.

Nazim Choudhury
Nazim Choudhury, Director Market Development, joined iBwave in 2012 after spending several years working with Various OEM and integrators such as Ericsson and SNC-Lavalin. With Over a decade of experience in the telecommunication domain Nazim works closely with Network operators worldwide on refining, standardizing and optimizing their deployment lifecycles with the use of iBwave’s software suite of products.

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Nazim’s current mandate revolves around new product integration and Market Development, with a specific focus on Converged Networks.  His area of expertise extends to, Cloud Architecture, FTTX Networks, Radio Access networks, IOT, public safety, security, in-building wireless/wireline networks and Wi-Fi technology.

Nazim has a B.Engineering. with a specialization in Computer Science from Concordia University.