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Designing Accurate 5G NR Networks

How to Do It Right

Find out how to optimize your network designs with accurate prediction that ensures service quality and reliability for high-performance in-building 5G networks.

Vladan is looking at a real case study to compare the predicted RF coverage and field data collected from a 5G NR network deployed by QMC Telecom at the Bossa Nova Mall in Brazil earlier this year. Using this data, he is discussing how iBwave Design prediction accuracy enabled optimal coverage in the 44,000 m2 (484,000-square feet) facility.

This in-depth webinar is:

  • Describing the venue and the scope of the trial
  • Providing an overview of the 5G NR network architecture
  • Showing the location of 5G NR transmitters
  • Presenting iBwave Design coverage prediction and 5G NR field data, side by side
  • Explaining the adjustments that must be made to field data before comparing predicted RF coverage and the measured 5G NR signal
  • Presenting statistical analysis of the prediction error

Presented by

Vladan Jevremovic Ph.D

Vladan Jevremovic, PhD
Sr. Research Director
iBwave Solutions

About the Presenter

Vladan Jevremovic has 20+ years of professional experience in the wireless telecommunication industry, working in mobile wireless Research & Development and strategy & technology consulting. He has many years of direct in-building experience, and has been with his current employer, iBwave Solutions, since 2009. At iBwave, he is the principal architect of RF propagation & optimization algorithms applied in iBwave Design, the most used in-building RF design and planning tool in wireless industry. Vladan is also tasked with developing technical content for the marketing team to raise iBwave brand awareness, which he does by writing white papers, presenting at webinars and speaking at industry conferences on topic of in-building networks and in-building RF propagation. Vladan holds PhD from University of Colorado at Boulder.