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Hospitality Wi-Fi | Challenges & Best Practices

We’ve all been to a hotel with poor performing Wi-Fi and know the frustrations that come with it. And we’re not alone – over 80% of people consider Internet Access the most important hotel amenity they look for. That is significant.

Watch this webinar on ‘How to Design Better Wi-Fi in Hotels’ with Wi-Fi experts David Coleman (CWNE #4) and  Gregor Vucajnk (CWNE #96) of Aerohive Networks.

Gregor and Dave are using the 3D model of a high-rise hotel to show you what the biggest challenges are to designing Wi-Fi in hotels—and what the best practices are to overcome these challenges.

Specifically, they cover:

  • Network use, devices and applications
  • Device density
  • Typical constraints of the environment

Help the world achieve better hotel Wi-Fi !

3D Hotel Wi-Fi Design