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Private Networks for Utilities & Energy

Understanding a key vertical for Private LTE/5G

Utility and energy is emerging as a key use case for private 4G and 5G networks, both on localized sites and across wide and rural areas. With power stations, energy grids, pipelines, wastewater plants and other utility and energy facilities a key part of national infrastructure, supporting mission-critical apps within this industry with reliable wireless infrastructure that can support increasing data demands and bandwidth requirements, will be essential.

Watch guest speaker Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis as he discusses what the key-uses for private cellular in Utilities and Energy are.

Specifically, he is talking about:

  • What the different spectrum options are
  • The roles of integrators and service providers
  • Key design & operational challenges

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Dean Bubley, Founder of Disruptive Analysis and industry thought leader

Dean Bubley
Founder of Disruptive Analysis

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