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Public Safety Networks - Stepping Through a Design

Best Practices for Designing Public Safety Networks.

Curious to learn more about designing public safety networks?

Watch this webinar where we are walking you through the design of a public safety network to highlight typical challenges and how to overcome them using best practices and the powerful features of iBwave Public Safety.

Here are the key topics we are covered in the design walk-through:

  • BDA Passive DAS Design
  • Antenna Balancing
  • Donor Antenna Isolation
  • Defining General/Critical Areas
  • Predictions – Signal Strength & Leakage
  • Reports
  • UpLink Calculations

Wirelessly yours,

The iBwave team

Guest Speakers

Alex Jovel

Alex Jovel
Manager, Sales Engineering at iBwave Solutions

Tony Singh

Tony Singh
Sales Engineer at iBwave Solutions

Public Safety Networks - Stepping Through a Design