On demand webinar

Surveying Private LTE & 5G Networks:

Exploring Use Cases Across Industrial and Logistical Environments

Featuring Special Guest: Active Expert

Surveying Private LTE and 5G networks is crucial to ensure seamless and reliable connectivity for the critical applications that depend on them. A well-conducted network survey can help you identify weak coverage spots in a venue and troubleshoot network issues.

The process is continually evolving, and now it is much simpler than before. But network surveys can still pose several challenges making the process cumbersome, particularly when using complex and expensive tools.

Watch Robin Mitchell of iBwave and our special guest, George Stefanick from Active Expert, exploring how to overcome the challenges, the evolution of network surveys, and various use cases with real examples spanning from industrial and logistical environments to validation of carrier-deployed networks.

Here’s an overview of what’s covered in this webinar:

  • Key challenges with surveying private LTE & 5G networks and practical solutions
  • Importance and key benefits of conducting network surveys
  • Evolution of wireless surveys: Past vs. present
  • Real use cases from various environments, including mining, manufacturing plants or refineries
  • Evaluating carrier-deployed networks and determining the necessity of deploying Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Live Demo of iBwave Mobile Survey with the Epiq PRiSM scanner

Presented by:


George Stefanick
Mobility Solutions Architect, Active Expert

Robin Mitchell

Robin Mitchell
Sales Engineering Manager, iBwave

About the Presenters:

George Stefanick
George Stefanick is a prominent figure in the field of wireless network architecture. He currently serves as a Mobility Solutions Architect at Active Expert, where he specializes in designing and implementing complex wireless LAN systems. His work involves utilizing advanced tools and methodologies to ensure optimal network performance and reliability.

George has an extensive background in wireless technology, having been involved in numerous high-profile projects, particularly within healthcare, industrial, and logistical systems. He is known for his expertise in network validation surveys and his ability to enhance team efficiency using cutting-edge tools.

Additionally, George is an influential voice in the IT community, frequently participating in events where he shares his insights and experiences with a broader audience of IT and network professionals. His contributions to the field are widely recognized, making him a respected authority on wireless network solutions.

Robin Mitchell
Robin Mitchell is a dedicated professional with over 28 years of design and performance engineering experience in the Wireless Telecommunications Industry with a thorough knowledge of wireless infrastructure and protocols. From working with teams integrating the first CDMA Network for Alltel Wireless to In-Building and Small Cell Design with Verizon Wireless, he has been an early adopter of many of the industry’s implementation, optimization, and design tools. He is also an iBwave® Design Level 2 Certified Instructor. Most recently acquiring his CWNA and CWDP.