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Overcoming Challenges to Accelerate Your Network Designs

There are several challenges that can slow down your network designs, whether it’s building modeling, calculations, predictions, or file loading times. All these processes can pose a significant time investment. The more complex the venue and elements added to your models and designs, the more time-demanding your project becomes.

Watch our experts, Nazim Choudhury and Issam Choudhury, in our previously LinkedIn Live event to learn how to overcome these challenges, design your networks faster across various venues and network technologies, and how iBwave can help you do it without sacrificing prediction accuracy!

Explore how to accelerate your wireless network designs.

Presented by:

Nazim Choudhury

Nazim Choudhury
Director, Market Development, iBwave


Issam Choudhury
Senior Product Owner, iBwave