Need to survey, grid test, and design Public Safety networks?

Do it all with a complete solution from iBwave that saves time and money!

iBwave Mobile Survey and Epiq PRiSM Scanner are simple and affordable tools for surveying and grid testing public safety networks.

These networks are crucial for first responders and emergency workers to communicate effectively during crises. However, the process can be challenging, with nearly 90% of initial submissions being rejected by authorities. iBwave Mobile Survey helps streamline the process, give you the documentation you need and increase the chances of approval. 

Learn more about how iBwave and our Public Safety solutions can help support your critical communications networks.


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Simplifying Public Safety Surveys and Grid Tests

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Survey and Grid Test Public Safety Networks with iBwave Mobile Survey + Epiq PRiSM Scanner

The simple, affordable, lightweight solution for public safety site surveys & grid tests.

iBwave Mobile Survey gives you a simple and seamless way to test, verify and document public safety networks. Easily capture survey measurement data for site surveys and grid testing, visualize results, automatically generate reports with one click with our easy-to-use Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM™ scanner and iBwave Mobile Survey solution. While on-site, you can also use the mobile app to take pictures, capture notes and save them to pushpins on the floorplan to refer to later in the iBwave Public Safety design software.

Technologies: P25, LTE, 5G.

Seamless integration to iBwave Mobile Survey for a simplified end-to-end survey and design experience.

Highly portable: weighs under 6 ounces (170 grams).

EPIQ PRiSM Scanner connected to phone
Grid test on tablet with EPIQ PRiSM Scanner

Simple grid testing & reporting

Perform grid testing and generate automatic Pass/Fail reports to easily submit to AHJs for approval.

Add grids with built-in guidelines to ensure adhering to regulations (ability to override).

Easy-to-use interface simplifies the capture of the P25 measurement points on the grid.

Quickly generate grid test results in a report to submit on-the-spot to the AHJ for approval.

Integrate the Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM scanner with the iBwave Mobile Survey application.

Survey, Grid Test, and Design Public Safety Networks with iBwave

iBwave Mobile Survey + EPIQ PRiSM Scanner

Survey P25, LTE & 5G networks

Simplify grid testing & generate automatic Pass/Fail reports to easily submit to AHJs for approval

Seamless integration for a simplified end-to-end experience

Take pictures, capture notes and save them to pushpins on the floorplan

Lightweight handheld design

Design and Propose Public Safety Networks

Established standard in indoor wireless design industry

Design reliable networks for mission critical applications

Reduce time to deployment and costs per project

Standardized documentation accelerates approval by AHJs

Integration with industry-standard 3rd party tools

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