You can now get iBwave Public Safety Certified ONLINE!

Get iBwave Public Safety Certified, Grow Your Industry Credentials

Why get certified?

By getting iBwave Public Safety certified you will gain all the knowledge and confidence you need to tackle any public safety network design challenge that comes your way. At the same time, it gives you the individual the chance to grow your network design skillset and add the industry-recognized iBwave certification credentials to your resume.

With content that will take you from the basics of how to use the software into the depths of topics like 3D modeling, DAS design, propagation, optimization, data collection and more – this course will put you on the pathway to becoming the public safety network design expert you want to be.

Here are the key topics you will master:

  • How to setup new projects
  • How to model your buildings
  • Completing a DAS Design
  • Running Propagation
  • Optimizing Your Designs
  • Understanding Data Collection & Interference

You’ll also get a 3 hour Design from scratch workshop to prepare you for the final exam.