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Reduce time to quote and win more projects with iBwave Unity

One of the biggest challenges during the pre-sales, pre-design phase of any in-building project is reducing time to quote and time to deliver. Also making the process easy and repeatable for the sales team is critical to ensure that opportunities are closed on time.

Traditional pre-sales workflows can be cumbersome with many layers of sales and engineering involved in the process. Typically this phase covering initial project documentation, site surveys and gathering project information can take 30 days or more to complete, making the method slow and inefficient with a risk of lost opportunities and reduced win rate.

A Complete Solution
iBwave offers a complete solution to help you with all your design, planning and documentation needs during all phases of an in-building project. For the pre-sales stage, iBwave Unity – our in-building cross-functional collaboration management platform can help you streamline the exchange of in-building data between your sales team and their customers. It can also efficiently organize your project information on a unique centralized repository accessible to different groups within your organization.

Faster Quote to Sales
With the ever-growing number of business opportunities for in-building enterprise projects, the sales team must be well equipped to quickly multiply in-building project wins with a fast “quote to sales” turnaround.

With iBwave Unity and iBwave Mobile, Vodafone sales team can streamline the process and complete pre-sales, site survey and pre-design phases in a matter of days instead of weeks.

How We Help
At the initial stage, iBwave Unity helps you gather all the project information in one centralized location so that it’s easily shareable with all the project stakeholders. Site surveys and preliminary designs can be completed with iBwave Mobile and all the information is stored remotely into the operator secured cloud environment. This gives you all the information you need to generate a project quote quickly. You can even share the detailed quote with sales, customers and any other stakeholders who do not have access to iBwave software via the free iBwave viewer, thus making the process easy and seamless for all.

In a recent trial with a major Tier-1 MNO in Europe, iBwave solution for in-building pre-sales was successfully tested with 5 partners equipped with Mobile Note and Unity seats. As a result, sales was able to work more efficiently and able to quickly create a project from a template in Unity. The trial also demonstrated higher quality and time savings for all parties.

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