On-demand webinar

Building Tomorrow's Connectivity: Predicting Network Coverage for Future Buildings

With a Special Guest: STF Gruppe

With Special Guest STF Gruppe

Did you know you can effectively predict network coverage and performance for buildings even before the construction project commences? This analytical approach empowers you to assess whether the building necessitates an in-building network or if the macro network can adequately serve its needs. Such an initiative can yield significant cost and time savings while ensuring sufficient network performance.

In our webinar, we are covering everything from residential to commercial buildings, such as offices, warehouses or factories. Watch our expert panel to discover effective strategies for forecasting network coverage in future buildings and gain a competitive edge in the wireless network arena!

Here’s a glimpse of what we delved into during the webinar:

  • Predicting network coverage for future buildings: Best strategies and benefits
  • Impact of construction materials on wireless signals: Focus on energy-efficient materials
  • Overview of propagation losses with common materials
  • Outdoor to indoor Link Budget: Understanding and challenges
  • Gains of coverage verification for property investors
  • Reliable wireless networks for sustainable property values
  • Real use cases from residential to commercial buildings, with live demo of iBwave Design and iBwave Reach

Presented by:


Ralf Burkard
Sales Engineer, iBwave Solutions


Victor Pyachev
RF Networks Design Engineer, STF Gruppe GmbH

About the Presenters:

Ralf Burkard
Ralf is a dynamic RF professional with more than 20 years of experience in the wireless telecommunications industry. He is skilled at designing in-building wireless solutions, RF planning and network optimization.

Ralf is responsible for overseeing sales engineering activities for iBwave’s operations in the Central and Eastern European regions. These include supporting customers, providing technical product presentations and product demos, training new users and playing an active role in in-building seminars, tradeshows and conferences.

Ralf previously worked for network operators and equipment manufacturers in key engineering and managerial positions in Germany, Austria and Hungary. Ralf holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the university of applied science of Wiesbaden.


Victor Pyachev
Victor Pyachev is a Wireless Engineer specializing in RAN development for Mobile Network Operators. With eight years at Qualcomm GmbH, he excelled in System Engineering for WCDMA, LTE-A, and early 5G NR projects. Currently with STF Gruppe GmbH, Victor focuses on 5G/LTE Private and Campus Networks, overcoming deployment challenges and specializing in private 5G RF Design for large industrial campuses. He also has experience in RAN Optimization and Network performance assessments. His research interests include realistic 5G NR capacity predictions, specialized radio network dimensioning, and Phased Array Antenna Systems for advancing wireless technology.