On-Demand Webinar

Designing Wi-Fi Networks in Higher Education

Watch this webinar to learn the challenges and best way to approach designing Wi-Fi networks in campus and higher education environments.

With special guest Rowell Dionicio, CWNE #210 of the popular Clear to Send podcast, learn the ins and outs of designing Wi-Fi for higher education.

In this webinar, Rowell is schooling us on…

  • Today’s challenges of Higher Education Wi-Fi
  • Designing for capacity in large spaces
  • How to approach overall Wi-Fi Design in Higher Ed
  • What to consider with Wi-Fi 6

And don’t forget to check out Rowell’s podcast, Clear to Send, to learn about all things Wi-Fi.

Guest Speaker

Rowell Dionicio

Rowell Dionicio, CWNE #210
Founder, Clear to Send Podcast