White Paper

5G Technology Primer

Bandwidth demand from consumers has never been higher. Now that 5G is finally here, the technology promises to meet this demand with new innovations and features that bring low latency, high data rate connectivity to the end user. With techniques such as antenna beamforming and bandwidth partitioning, 5G has the power to provide connectivity to a wide range of applications in the cellular industry. New networks will be able to support asynchronous operations like IoT as well as high data rate applications like video gaming.

In this white paper, Vladan Jevremovic and Ali Jemmali go into detail on 5G and the unique characteristics that make it the spectrum of the future. It provides an in depth analysis on the features of the technology so you can feel confident in designing the networks of the future.

5G Technology Primer White Paper by iBwave

Here’s an overview of what’s inside:

  • Key 5G Features for In-Building Networks
    • Antenna Beamforming
    • Bandwidth Partitioning
    • Slot Formats
  • 5G Signal Analysis
    • Reference Signals (CSI-RS, PT-RS, PDSCH DM-RS)
    • Synchronization Signals
    • Coreset
  • Physical Layer Measurement Capabilities
  • Antenna Beamforming Techniques
    • Beamforming Principles
    • Analog Beamforming
    • Digital Beamforming
    • Hybrid Beamforming

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