White Paper

EMF Radiation in Mobile Networks

A Closer Look at Emission Limits & Safe Distances

Over the years, questions arose whether EMF radiation coming from mobile wireless networks is harmful to humans. Various government and non-government agencies have tackled this problem in the past and defined what constitutes an acceptable EMF emission.

Recently, as 5G technology started to get deployed at millimeter wave frequencies, a public debate arose whether a 5G network EMF radiation is harmful to unsuspecting general population.

This white paper summarizes the emission limits imposed by various worldwide governing bodies, gives theoretical background regarding the computation of EMF radiation compliance distance, and gives numerical examples as to what the safe distance from emission is in indoor wireless networks in selected countries around the world.

We will also discuss how adding a new 5G network to an existing in-building multi-technology network and how massive MIMO affect the compliance distance.

White Paper: EMF Radiation in Mobile Networks: A Closer Look at Emission Limits & Safe Distances

Here’s an overview of what’s inside:

  • EMF Radiation Limits Around the World
    • ICNIRP Guidelines
    • Local Government Exposure Limits
  • EMF Radiation and EMF Compliance Calculation
    • Point Source Antennas
    • Multi-Band Networks
  • How Spectrum and Technology Affects EMF Compliance Distance
    • TDD Systems
    • eNodeB Cell Load
    • Massive MIMO
  • EMF Compliance Calculation Examples – Indoor Networks
    • USA
    • Slovenia
    • Russian Federation
  • EMF Radiation Compliance in the Context of M-MIMO 5G Nr

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