White Paper

High-Density Wireless Networks for Public Venues

Wireless carriers are aware that user experience is shaped by the ability to access the network in public venues, and are investing in public venue networks to address coverage and capacity.

In order to provide service to network tenants, a neutral host network capable of supporting a wide range of wireless technologies and spectrum bands needs to be built at the venue. The network also needs to be capable of delivering high-power signals to serving antennas at venues where the distance between subscribers and antennas is large, such as football stadiums.

High-Density Wireless Networks for Public Venues
  • Technologies
    • Passive DAS
    • Active DAS
    • Hybrid DAS
  • Common Design¬†Requirements
    • Multi-Carrier (Neutral Host)
    • Multi-Band
    • Licensed Bands
    • Unlicensed Bands
    • Multi-Technology
  • Common Best Practices
    • PIM (Passive Intermodulation)
    • Downlink Design
    • Uplink Design

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