White Paper

How to Design Better Wireless Networks for Stadiums

Although the size and configuration of stadiums vary widely, there are design and deployment considerations common to all stadiums.

The stadium network needs to provide coverage and capacity both to the stadium and to nearby transit areas. The network should be able to support traffic when the stadium is at full capacity during an event, and also the traffic near the venue before and after an event.

What you will find in this white paper…

How to Design Better Wireless Networks for Stadiums
  • Design Requirements
    • RF Coverage
    • Capacity
    • Handoff Management
    • Interference Management
  • Best Practices
    • Site Survey
    • Detailed 3D Modeling
    • Sectorization
    • Macro Coverage Management
    • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Management
  • Detailed RF Design
    • Capacity Sizing
    • Data Capacity Sizing Example
    • Voice Capacity Sizing
    • RF Coverage Design

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