White Paper

Underground Wireless Design for Rapid Rail Transit

While macro coverage near the station entrance and inside the entry hall is acceptable, the coverage beyond ticket booths at escalators, hallways, train platforms and inside tunnels is often poor to non-existent.

The new wireless network at the station has to support major wireless service providers (WSP) in the city, as well as the city Emergency Service (“first responders”) network and Wi-Fi. The network has to cover inside tunnels linking stations; however Wi-Fi need not be provided in tunnels.

Underground Wireless Design for Rapid Rail Transit
  • Design Requirements
    • RF Coverage
    • Capacity
    • Handoff Management
  • Best Practices
    • RF Coverage
    • Capacity Sizing
    • Data Capacity Sizing
    • Voice Capacity Sizing
    • Environmental Challenges
  • Detailed RF Coverage Design

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