White Paper

Wi-Fi 6 Technology Primer

IEEE 802.11ax is the most recent IEEE draft amendment that defines modifications to the 802.11 Physical Layer (PHY) and the Medium Access Control (MAC) Layer for High Efficiency (HE) operations. It is considered as a natural evolution of the previous Wi‑Fi specifications, the 802.11ac. The 802.11ax is considered to be the 6th generation of Wi‑Fi technologies and hence its name of Wi‑Fi 6.

In this white paper, iBwave reseacher – Ali Jemmali, Ph.D – goes into the technical details on the unique characteristics of Wi‑Fi 6 (including 6E) and the main differences with the previous 5 generations of Wi‑Fi technologies (802.11a/b/g/n/ac).

Wi-Fi 6 White Paper book cover

Here’s a summary of what’s inside:

  • Frequency Range and Channel Bandwidths
  • Characteristic of the OFDM Wave Form
    • Concept of Resource Units
    • Data Throughput Calculations
    • BSS Coloring Concept
    • PPDU Formats
  • Wi‑Fi 6 Extended

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