Wi-Fi Challenges and Best Practices in Hospitality

A reliable and stable Wi-Fi connection in hotels is no longer a nice-to-have, but a critical part of customer satisfaction and business success. Guests, staff, and supporting devices, all need networks they can depend on and trust.

But designing a high-performance Wi-Fi network in a hotel is not always an easy task. In this eBook, we discuss the key challenges and best practices for designing hospitality wireless for various building and environment types.

Specifically, you can learn about:

  • Types of Hospitality Buildings and Environments
  • Challenges of Hospitality Wi-Fi
    • Capacity and Performance Challenges
    • Backhaul and Cabling Challenges
    • Business challenges
  • Best practices for Hospitality Wi-Fi
    • Where Should there be Networks?
    • What Types of Networks Need to be Planned for?
    • Gathering Customer Requirements
    • Designing Guest room Wi-Fi
    • Dual Radio or Single Radio Access Points?
    • Designing High-Density Areas?
Hospitality eBook

Oh, and also, we’ve included a detachable customer requirements checklist, take it with you to the field and keep it handy!